Review: Dairy Queen Fall Blizzard Choco-Dipped Strawberry

If you think this is the last Dairy Queen fall blizzard review, you are sorely mistaken. There are six new blizzards, so expect six reviews because I’m a dad now and I deserve to be happy.

First, let’s discuss what is in here. It’s vanilla ice cream mixed with strawberry chunks and pieces of chocolate. Simple but perfect. I’m a big fan of strawberry ice cream and when it’s the high quality stuff with the strawberry chunks, I get all excited. This blizzard did not disappoint. The chunks of strawberry were perfect (and not frozen as often happens) while the pieces of chocolate were a great contrast.

If you are a strawberry person, I would highly recommend this blizzard. It gets four out of four cones from me. Next? La pièce de résistance—the pumpkin pie blizzard. I had a bite from my wife’s and let just say, I’m excited again.

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