So I’ve had a blog for like 3 weeks, and I already have failed to update for like a week and a half. But it’s not my fault! I have a job now! Yes, the entire premise of my blog is now a lie because I’m no longer unemployed. About two weeks ago my school offered me a virtual position monitoring an elementary school.

That’s right, an elementary school. I…am a high school English teacher. I know as much about elementary school as elementary school kids know about adult ages. I once brought my older sister, who was student teaching in a fourth grade classroom, lunch and the kids in her room thought I was her dad, which is crazy because I am youthful and vibrant.

Anyway, I don’t have quite as much free time as I thought I’d have, but I will do a better job updating this regularly. Everything else is normal. My family is great. My dog is weird. Our cats are lazy. The world is a scary, horrible place full of people who hate science and love COVID-19. Let’s hope it’s better next time we talk.

4 thoughts on “Whoops!

  1. Rob, I learned from a very well-known and talented teacher (Chris Piehler Vance) to break everything down for young kids I had no business teaching…break it down for those littles, young’n! ❤️

  2. Well I’m really just an advisor and the program does the “teaching” but how much can a 1st grader learn from a computer program??

  3. 1) “which is crazy because I am youthful and vibrant.” . . . I think the altitude is getting to you ; )

    2) Maybe you’ll bet lucky and have a few Packers fans among them . . .

    3) Congrats – glad this worked out for you, seriously. Clinton misses you still, my friend.

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