Stop Growing Up!

My son started walking the other day. Walking! What?! How is that possible. He turns one in less than a month. This shouldn’t be happening! He should still be falling asleep in my arms and making funny little cooing noises at me while farting. Everything is happening so fast. I mean, I still distinctly remember the night he was born. And the face I made when I saw him being born…

Scared Toys GIF by Dark Igloo - Find & Share on GIPHY

But here is he, walking around, looking so much more like a little boy than a baby. I know everyone says they grow up so fast, but you’ll never realize how fast until you have your own. I need him to slow down but I also love seeing him grow up. Life is so hard.

He’s a chatty babbler, loves to play with all his toys, and has started having preferences (like never eating real food…ever). We can see his personality bubbling through, and literally every time I see him smile and giggle, my heart melts. He’s just so cute I can’t help it!

I know walking is just the next natural step (pun intended), and truly I love seeing him grow and mature…but I miss having a little baby fall asleep on my chest. I’ll make sure that when Lucy is born to get extra snuggles in because now I know how quickly those opportunities disappear. Everybody snuggles your babies! But only your babies…snuggling someone else’s baby would be weird.

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