Hello. Do you have a minute? I’d like to talk to you about Jesus Christ reusable diapers. I thought of this because today my son unloaded in his diaper, and I had to clean it. Clean it, you say? Don’t you just throw it away?

No. We do not. We have reusable diapers. My wife wanted reusable diapers but I was initially highly skeptical. Does it sound like more work? Yes. Do I have to clean up poop? Yes. Might my hand get some poop on it? Ew. I think I’m good on that.

But honestly I didn’t understand reusable diapers when my wife brought up them and by brought them up told me we were using cloth diapers. I legit thought they were the the white cloth, pinned diapers from like the 1940s. Cleaning a filled cloth white diaper sounded less than ideal. But it turns out, reusable diapers are pretty great!

We use ALVABaby diapers (if they want to sponsor this blog, I’m listening). They’ve got snaps to keep it closed and inserts to collect the pee and cool designs that make it so Rory doesn’t ever have to wear pants. Literally, the kid has only worn pants like five times. He wears footie pajamas but pants? Come, on. Pants are lame. He hates them. I hate them. We all hate them. So no pants.

But back to the diapers. I still have to clean the diapers after he poops. And it’s pretty gross. Today, he painted a Jackson Pollock in his diaper, and I had to spray it down to clean it. I only almost threw up once. Maybe twice. But once it was sprayed down and cleaned up, it went right into the diaper pail. We have to wash them every five days or so and they are ready to go again. Honestly, it’s not that bad. I haven’t had to make any late night runs to Target for diapers…but maybe I wish I did because then I could run to Taco Bell afterwards…

Anyway, I’ve started looking into adult reusable diapers, too, but my wife said she won’t clean those, so I’ll have to wait and see on that. But man, not having to miss any TV for bathroom breaks sounds pretty amazing. I’ll keep you all updated. In the meantime, here is a picture of Rory’s diaper while he is smothering our cat. More on that later.

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