I can’t, for the life of me, understand why my son hates food. He loves formula—loves it. Nothing is better than formula. And everything is better than real food. His preference is to let the food into his mouth then quickly spit it out. Or he picks it up, looks for the dog, drops it, and giggles like a mad man.

We’ve tried a variety of food with him but he doesn’t really like much of it. He does enjoy hummus and mashed potatoes but even then it can be a battle. Also the hummus really greases the skids, if you get my drift. I tried avocado with him today. The second it hit his tongue he spit it back out while giggling. So, that was a no go.

I know we have to try foods multiple times, and we keep plugging away at it but part of me hates feeding time because I’m always worried he’s going to choke. He has choked a few times and spit up after, which is A) gross and B) incredibly anxiety inducing. So there is a piece of me that is happy he doesn’t eat much food. But also, he needs to eat food. Rory! Eat your food! Come on! He’s honestly a great baby but this is the only “issue” we’ve had with him thus far.

Can he just subsist on a liquid diet until he’s like 4? Is that possible? That would also would mean more dinosaur chicken nuggets for me, which is a win. Rory turns one in a couple weeks so hopefully we reach a turning point soon and he will start eating food. In the meantime, Omar is loving all the extra snacks. We will have to make sure Rory’s birthday cake isn’t chocolate since Omar will get most of it anyway. So, we will keep trying food. Maybe one day he’ll like it. Sigh.

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