We had a baby last week! We were not supposed to have a baby last week, but we did! She’s here, she’s healthy, and she’s great. But, it wasn’t quite as easy as it sounded.

Lisa woke up on the 23rd with some pains in her stomach, which we both assumed were labor pains. Then, she started feeling nauseous and began throwing up. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. I had to get our soup pan for her and now I’m not sure if I can make soup in there again.

We called the triage unit because her OB office wasn’t open, explained what was happening, and they, like last time, told us to wait and not come in. They are the worst. We called the OB office when they opened and they recommended bringing her in, which we were going to do anyway because by now Lisa is hollowing in (justified) pain.

We get to the hospital and a nurse, who maybe wasn’t the nicest, didn’t quite think Lisa was in as much pain as she was actually in and took her sweet time taking care of her. Lisa is begging for fentanyl, which maybe makes her look like a drug addict, but is also what she desperately needed. Eventually her OB, Dr. Boydston, showed up and noticed the pain she was having was in a weird place above her stomach. They figured she either had a gall bladder or appendix issue. Yikes.

However, they couldn’t see until the baby was out, so inducing her was the next course of action. It was baby time! Much to Lisa’s relief, she got her pain relievers and then, the greatest invention of all time, an epidural. Apparently some women have babies without one of these. They are either incredibly unlucky, incredibly stupid, or a bit of both because man, I want an epidural after seeing how much it helped Lisa.

They started the pitocin and she was on her way. After a few hours, her OB came in and said she’d be leaving for the night but her replacement, Dr. Brubacker, was coming in. This was so fun because Brubacker was on call when Rory was born, too, so it was a happy coincidence.

Brubacker checked Lisa, chatted for about 20 minutes, then asked if Lisa felt any pressure, which she did. She checked again and holy crap there was a baby right there! They called everyone in to push and Lisa pushed four times…FOUR…and our Lulu popped right out. She was already so perfect.

They took Lisa to get a CT scan and found she did in fact have acute appendicitis! What a trooper! However, the new treatment for appendicitis seems to be antibiotics instead of removal, so as of today (Dec. 29, Lisa’s birthday!), she’s feeling good and we are hopeful the antibiotics will do the trick.

I’ll talk more about having a second kid later, but there is the our birth story. Four pushes…FOUR! I can’t get over it.

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