Two kids is harder than one. I mean, it sounds obvious, but it’s also incredibly not obvious until you have a second kid. It’s hard!

Maybe we didn’t make a great choice having our kids so close together (less than 15 months apart) but, you know, we are fertile people. What can we do? Rory needs plenty of attention himself, but Lucy obviously needs constant attention partly because she’s a baby but partly because my anxiety of her being suffocated by a cat doesn’t allow me to leave her alone for very long.

The entire scenario feels like a juggling act. When Lisa and I are coordinating who will watch who while I’m still working or she wants to shower, it made me think of this clip from the British version of The Office. Not only is this accurate but it’s also hilarious so please enjoy.

Lucy has actually been pretty great so far. She gets up twice a night, one for each of us, while Rory is still sleeping well and usually sleeping in until 8. He occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night crying because of a babymare, but otherwise, we can’t complain about them. Lucy sleeps, eats, poops, repeats. Rory sleeps, eats, plays, poops, repeats.

But with just Rory, when he took a nap, I could take a nap or get some work done or walk the dog. Now, the two children seem to have coordinated their naps so one is always awake. I’m sure it’s on purpose, and I’m on high alert about other coordinated attacks from these tiny terrorists.

Lisa and I find ourselves in a constant state of fatigue, even after a “good” night’s rest. Spending most of our days inside the house probably isn’t helping either, but with COVID we don’t go out much and with a 3 week old baby, we go out even less.

We are hoping that the weather starts to turn a bit warmer (Colorado Springs is a lot nicer than Wisconsin!) so we can get outside more. We are also hoping the COVID vaccines start lowering numbers across the area so perhaps we could go into Target again as a family. But, until then, I’ll keep scrolling through Netflix while holding a baby, wondering if that fart was just a fart…or a little something more.

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