Review: The Best Disney Movie

Look, we aren’t bad parents. I promise. But we did name our TV Rory’s babysitter and Rory does get plenty of TV time. He loves Daniel Tiger more than he loves either of us. And, to be frank, we are so damn bored that we watch plenty of movies when he’s playing. To all those parents who limit screen time:

We, however, have gone through the Disney+ library multiple times with Rory, which has led me to the best Disney movie: Moana. That’s right, not The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast but the far more recent Dwayne Johnson vehicle.

I’ll start with the music. It’s perfect. Lin-Manuel Miranda will always have my heart while a nice appearance from Flight of the Concords member Jemaine Clement just adds to the greatness. Admittedly the best songs are front loaded (“Where You Are”, “How Far I’ll Go”, “You’re Welcome”, and “Shiny”) but the plot of the movie covers the lack of killer songs of the last 45 minutes or so.

The story is excellent and a nice change of pace from a princess searching for a husband gag that saddles so many other older Disney flicks. The Rock is his charming self, like always, and Auli’l Cravalho is wonderful as Moana. The chicken Hei Hei is a fun comedic sidekick while Christopher Jackson (President Washington in Hamilton) nails the tone for Moana’s father.

Finally, Rory enjoys it. The fact that we can watch something besides Daniel Tiger is a huge bonus for us. Like, huger than huge. However, he hasn’t yet fallen in love with Moana so much that it’s all he wants to watch, which I think might contribute to me liking it so much. If I had to watch it every day for a month would I feel the same way? Time will tell.

But for now, Moana is number one. Followed by The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Jungle Book. That’s the list. If yours is different, I’m sorry. But it’s wrong. And as for the end of this blog post?

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