Come here to find my feelings about being a stay-at-home dad but stay for my reviews of the things I watch/listen to/play. My subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime will be well used while I’m home.

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Rory has been a blabbermouth for a few months now, constantly making what we call dolphin noises. “Ah-ah-ah” over and over again. From bed, we can say “ah” to him in the mornings when he’s awake but still in his crib and he responds with an “ah” back to use. It’s adorable. That is theContinue reading “Da-Da”

Daylight Sucks Time

I’ve heard for years from other parents about how Daylight Savings Time sucks. It’s not that I didn’t believe them, I just had no point of reference to truly understand how it affects children. It’s like when someone says how much running a marathon (or any distance really) sucks. I mean, I am sure itContinue reading “Daylight Sucks Time”


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