I’m Back!

Yes, I have returned. Please quietly rejoice to yourselves.

OK that was enough. No, no put your pants back on. It’s not that kind of party.

I have been away for too long but I was finishing my masters and thus any time I had to write, I felt like I should be writing my project paper. So, instead of writing, I just started rewatching the Marvel movies in chronological order (rather than release date) and restarted Daredevil on Netflix. It wasn’t writing, so I didn’t feel as guilty. Life is about lying to yourself and believing it. I’m pretty good at it.

COVID-19 still sucks. That hasn’t changed. We’ve pretty much gone on full lockdown until Lucy arrives, so our Christmas will be quiet with just Lisa, Rory, the pets, and myself. However, I am still making a full ham and cheesy potatoes and baked beans because I love it and nobody can take away what you love. Well, I mean, I guess they could, but they can’t take away my freeham, I mean my freedom.

Lucy is less than a month away from arriving, unless she is significantly late, which will be devastating to my wife (and me) because that baby needs to get out of her body right now. Lucy’s overstayed her welcome and needs to start earning her keep, aka tax breaks for mommy and daddy. My post-Lucy posts will likely be, uhhh, different, but that can wait.

There have been some positive developments, though, as we finished Queen’s Gambit, which was tremendous, and I’ve listed to evermore from T-Swift once so far. I’ll have a full review after my 5th or 6th listen through. Don’t worry. I won’t deprive you of T-Swift. I don’t know if it can live up to folklore, which topped my Spotify list in 2020, because it’s awesome.

So, fear no, dear reader(s), I’ll be writing more regularly now. The world is dark and full of terrors, but the vaccine is coming, Christmas is around the corner, and T-Swift exists. Hold onto the light for it will get brighter.

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